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Le Goût de nos régions is a Shop on line of best produced french delivered on your in 5 days.

To begin with, this webshop called " Le goût de nos Régions " has been created in 2012 by me and my husband because we aimed to propose culinary specialities from different french areas.

Our enterprise is a little structure that favours the relationship between the consumers and the local producers.

That is the reason why all the products you can find on the website come directly from local producers that we now know and trust.

Moreover, "Le goût de nos Régions" has been created for both individuals and professionals, for this category we can offer enterprise bundling for example.


Let's explain now the origin of this adventure !

My husband and I moved out about 14 times in 20 years spent together and each time we arrived in a new french Region we tried to find some goodies from home or just products from another region we have lived in, and let me tell you that it was quite hard to find !                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So we tried to imagine how hard it should be for an expatriate to find french food, and there comes our idea that anyone on the planet could have the possibility to find typical products from home on this website, and strangers could just taste our good french food as well.

Therefore, we have been searching for months the better products to reflect our french regions, and choosing local producers who work with traditional techniques but above all with passion and professionalism.

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